the inter club (nat b) event is open to all member clubs of the following associations:

Association of North East Midland Motor Clubs (ANEMMC)

East Midlands Association of Motor Clubs (EMAMC)

Association of West Midlands Motor Clubs (AWMMC)

BTRDA Silver Star competitors

The Clubmans event is open to members of the organising club and the following invited clubs:

Bath Motor Club 

Blackbird Auto Club

Boundless by CSMA

Cambridge Car Club

Chelmsford Motor Club

Kettering & District Car Club

Loughborough Car Club

Matlock Motor Club

Mid Derbyshire Motor Club

Oxford Motor Club

Owen Motoring Club

Redditch & District Car Club

Ross & District Motor Sports Club   

South Oxon Car Club

Witney Motor Club

which represents the maximum of 15 invited clubs

The Mercian was voted the best EMAMC Road Rally Championship event of 2016.
We were really delighted to receive this award which is decided by a ballot of registered contenders and was announced at the EMAMC annual dinner.
Thank you so much to all those that voted for us, we’re glad that you have enjoyed the event. We enjoyed welcoming crews from all regions when the Mercian had the honour of being the annual Inter-Association Road Rally in September 2017.